The Two Trees in the Garden

The story below is a childhood tale. The origin and the writer behind it are both obscure to me. Today, the World Wide Web made it possible to dig in for any quote or saying no matter how old. Nevertheless, my search for it was not successful and I found it too meaningful to be buried in my memories so I decided to plant it somewhere in my blog! 

A man had only 2 trees in his garden; one was green and blooming and the other was dead. However he kept on watering the dead tree with hope that one day he might have his dead tree full of life again.

Then one morning, there was two dead trees in that garden.


Children at the Movies: “Harry Potter” or Gibran’s “The Prophet”?


Indeed a masterpiece with its extent and worth going beyond the lifetime of any existence.

Khalil Gibran’s iconic book “The Prophet” is one of the biggest sellers in history, exceeding 100 million copies in over 40 languages since it was first published in 1923.

“The Prophet” will feature in another adaptation, this time as an animated film written and directed by Roger Allers is on track for completion in spring of 2014, with  Liam Neeson and Salma Hayek in the voice cast.


While it is not confirmed that children are the target audience of the expected animated version of “The Prophet”, (read Animations are not for Children) we can only aspire that with the adaptation of Gibran’s writings and words of wisdom in animations there is a powerful mean to convey values key ingredients to the young minds.