Love is Suspicious

“Love is a feeling too suspicious, it continuously needs to be heard even if all other senses are telling about it.” -Notesonwings  


The Power of Love


I am not talking about the power of LOVE in making LOVE, but rather in making war.

Love has a frightening force for destruction, pain and suffering. It is far more intense than its capacity around romance and sweet feelings.

Love is “Rage”

Because rage symbolizes both  contrast feelings of anger and desire. It is only sedating when it shows emotions of affection and calm romance. The sexual desire is one trigger that shapes rage in a form of physical encounter, bodies clash. The intensity of lust and orgasmic eruption pacifies the senses and puts them back in a pleasurable sedation.

Jealousy, possession, loss, rejection, rivalry, conflict, self-scepticism and more alike feelings are all triggers of raging attitudes, in the name of LOVE!

The Power of LOVE is better represented in Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” rather than the whispering romance of a lover to his lady Celine Dion’s “Power of Love”!