The Two Trees in the Garden

The story below is a childhood tale. The origin and the writer behind it are both obscure to me. Today, the World Wide Web made it possible to dig in for any quote or saying no matter how old. Nevertheless, my search for it was not successful and I found it too meaningful to be buried in my memories so I decided to plant it somewhere in my blog! 

A man had only 2 trees in his garden; one was green and blooming and the other was dead. However he kept on watering the dead tree with hope that one day he might have his dead tree full of life again.

Then one morning, there was two dead trees in that garden.


The Renewal.

Easter comes in this special part of the world when it is Springtime. This is a great reminder of renewal, with everything around us is chanting the promise of eternal life, through Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Easter 2

The river is the living symbol of renewal and eternal life.

Every aspect of this season has a story of renewal. After nature had lost its life, spring brings the meaning of what suffering can have, that life not only can be restored but it can even increase, through pain and sacrifice.

Go Your Way, All the Way…

Your way

Take the path that appeals to your inner self, the exit that might seem to lead where you belong and the consequences of being the sole commander.

As we go on in our journey, we have many companions beside us and around. They could judge, advise, criticize or simply express that they feel for us and know we deserve better.

We may cry on someone’s shoulder, or grab a warm hand when in despair. We seek a word of support and long to open up when it feels so heavy inside.

Living alone is against nature when life itself is about sharing and making things happen, to be happy and safe with the people we need with us and the fellowships we make.

Nevertheless, there is no partnership that stands sturdily behind the choices a person makes, and no solidarity in living the consequences of those choices. We solely go for what we see best at the time, and we solely carry the burdens resulting from  those decisions. Let us not hesitate in taking the exit that seems right because our destiny is around that only corner leading us.