She Bares it All with a Message to Daesh

A French girl bares it all with the Eiffel Tower in the background (original post on Facebook), daring the filthy attacks of Dawesh that took place on November 13 in several locations in Paris

It is thought that the horrific attack on the Bataclan that evening, was targeted by Daesh (ISIS) for being a place of enjoyment and exaltation to the youth.

The copy of the picture below is slightly digitally pixelled while the original bares it all. 

The picture that is worth a thousand words came yesterday, November 16 defying Daesh in response to their terrifying attack with a message in the hand! 


The World is Watching as ISIS Burns the Rich History of Mosul

Ironically when I read this article “ISIS Burns 8000 Rare Books and Manuscripts in Mosul” of the Fiscal Times, I was just having a break from diving into the past, digging into the chests in my basement. It was still fresh in my thoughts and feelings how meaningful is this connection to the past and how precious it is to get the feel of an item, that shared a moment of your life you will never get back.

Then I looked at the photo of burnt books in the article and it burnt my heart. It is unsurprising to know this brought tears to many people’s eyes, in fact I don’t believe a human being, a creature who has a sense of the self and the collective sense of the past wouldn’t hurt to such a sight. So what is it with those aliens willingly acting for the destruction of history? What are they?

History is what defines people, nations, cultures and any group of human beings, even those united by the extremists in religion. If history is a human attribute, wars have existed since ever, between tribes, races and nations to preserve their pasts and grow for their folks future. Wars are not just human, they are also animalistic and probably relative to any living organism, but they are certainly made for existence and continuity.

Destroying history wipes of any existence and future, so once again and in that logic, I can’t help but ask myself and the world, what is ISIS and what kind of war is it having?

Clapping Savage Audience!

When a big US media company such as Fox news decides to broadcast the message of brutality intended by IS, and by that promotes its virality, this makes it a top contributor to this cowards act.
What is the difference between those cowards acts and the brutality of any other civil war act, or untold mafia executions or many stories of human cruelty that are happening everyday in the world?  Those videos are simply different because they are made to be diffused and thank you very much for everyone who is contributing to that by watching and telling and passing it to others!

It is sad to see how people are hiding behind a fake compassion when they are senseless savages who enjoy anything shocking on their media toy.


Because violence in the world is as old as the human presence, I publish below this satirical print from 1783 (source: the British museum collection).

American loyalists are being murdered by Red Indians. An Indian (left) seizes by the hair a loyalist lying on the ground, and holds up a knife saying “I’ll scalp him”. Another Indian (right) raises a tomahawk in both hands above a loyalist who kneels on one knee, saying “O cruel Fate! is this the Return for our Loyalty”. The Indian says, “I’ll tomahawk the Dog.

 The savages let loose, or the cruel fate of the loyalists

The savages let loose, or the cruel fate of the loyalists