Something Cool is Rolling On the Lebanese Roads

 There is nothing commercial for once! It’s simply a display that might have value to some, inspiration to others or could be passed unseen by many.

The cab with a rooftop sign scrolling the Bible quotes in Arabic.

It’s too bad it wasn’t practical to film more of the quotes displaying. Happy driving, happy reading! 


Only in Lebanon (Traffic Theme)

Lines between road lanes, are also lanes.

Traffic is always more on the other side of the road that has a car accident.

Members of the Police force use whatsapp in their duties and at their own personal costs.

It is an illegal (dumb) practice to stop at red light if there is no real traffic on the other side.

Footpaths should be named “wheelpaths”.

99% of car owners have special plate numbers, therefore are VIP. The other 1% can’t be bothered.

Taxi cars can also turn into public transport vehicles called “service” (in the French pronunciation). They can fit an  unlimited number of passengers and their services are exercised somehow by force.

Police presence is heavily noted near take away restaurants with minimum traffic supervision.

Parents love their children so much that the latter turn themselves into airbags!

Urban Traffic Management exist and applicable even in the absence of roads networks.

The rule of open air smoking is well respected on the road by shisha (arguileh) lovers!


Arguileh and the Lebanese People: Together until Death do us Apart!

Watch out for more in the awareness series “Only in Lebanon”.