Religious Controversy over the personal life of Rima Fakih

Needless to introduce Rima Fakih, since she seems to have attracted the spotlights at many instances of her life so far.


Miss USA Rima Fakih practicing a wrestling move on the WWE show “Tough Enough”

In fact, Rima trained in USA as a female wrestler and was the first Muslim to win the Miss USA title in 2010. Again, two weeks after being crowned, photos of her pole dancing surfaced as she participated in a local strippers’ contest which almost took her title off.

Lately in April 2016, Rima converted to Christianity to marry music producer Wassim Salibi on the 15th May 2016, in a ceremony of true Lebanese style.

Whether you are a liker of her page or not, you must have stumbled across a couple of her wedding or honeymoon photos shared by one of the hundred thousands “Likers” and fans. While you are checking out the photo and smiling to the loving comments of users wishing the perfect couple a happy life suddenly….aw! a comment stands out uttering an outburst of hatred, profanities and inconsideration to the couple’s personal and private life.

I am sharing below some of those comments after I have intentionally masked the name of the people behind them, simply because for me they don’t represent the opinion of anyone but their sick selves. They are haters who have no consideration to people’s freedom and right to live the way they chose and to believe in whatever they want to believe in.

This first one is the worst I have personally read and although it had a good share of responses that served the user right, I don’t think she is worth the trouble of writing replies.


Another one goes up to analysing the source of funding the wedding.


Last in my collection is from the type of people that heavily exists in our life: no matter what you do they will always find something bad about it! This one is suspecting the couple broke up already and that’s why Rima is solo in the photo!

even that

Surely Rima Fakih is aware of those comments and doesn’t bother to delete them. The irony is that for those haters to be able to post on her page they have to be likers!

Rima was criticized for calling herself Muslim while posing in a bikini, and for holding the title of Miss USA and now they are trying to intimidate her for settling down in a marriage with the man she chose, -and I must say-a man of a wealth that many of her female haters would probably die and deny their existence to marry!

It is a shame to see people invading someone’s life this way and for a best ending to this blog post I found this perfect quote.



Something Cool is Rolling On the Lebanese Roads

 There is nothing commercial for once! It’s simply a display that might have value to some, inspiration to others or could be passed unseen by many.

The cab with a rooftop sign scrolling the Bible quotes in Arabic.

It’s too bad it wasn’t practical to film more of the quotes displaying. Happy driving, happy reading! 

Our Byblos featured in “Christmas Trees Around the World”

13 unique and different Christmas Trees from cities around the world featured in this article of The Guardian; from Washington to Budabest to Melbourne to Byblos and other cities.

Our beloved city has had its name associated in cultural top ranks on more than one occasion. This sets the way for the best to you Byblos.


The tree in Melbourne, Australia, was constructed from over half a million Lego bricks


Byblos, north of Beirut in Lebanon, opted for an abstract gold tree


“Shine like a star in the world Byblos”

No, Sydney’s Opera House didn’t light up in solidarity with Lebanon!

While social media is showing the entire worlds’ support following the sad Paris attack, many Lebanese feel disappointed that their own devastation is not perceived by the world with the same sympathy.

Killing innocent people must be faced by all nations with a “NO” regardless of where it took place. Solidarity should not keep the blind eye on those countries which names are forever associated with killing and terrorism such as Lebanon, Palestine and Syria.

Photo: The blue, white and red colours of France's national flag are projected onto the sails of Sydney's Opera House. (Reuters: Jason Reed )

Photo: The blue, white and red colours of France’s national flag are projected onto the sails of Sydney’s Opera House. (Reuters: Jason Reed )

When I saw the pictures of the Opera house lit with the Lebanese flag (below), I couldn’t but feel pity for those who “Photoshopped” the original supporting France, only for the mere purpose of having their fake post shared.

A photoshopped fake version of the Opera House's photo lit in solidarity with France

A photoshopped fake version of the Opera House’s photo lit in solidarity with France

It’s the sad ugly truth, but unfortunately it is the truth.

I wish the whole world would support Lebanon in actions and not just colors or lights. I wish the plots on the region would stop and people go back to live in harmony as they used to. But let’s not fake the ugly truth and believe the unreasonable ugly facts that we are forgotten in the past of wars, terrors and corrupted governments.

This article of the Australian ABC news net tells the story of Australia’s support to France.

We support you France, we support history of cooperation and we support the Lebanese families living there but we tell the world: “Look at us”!

Foreigners living the Lebanon experience

I have blogged once about how beautifully a foreigner sees, talks and writes about Lebanon, and i am sure it is something many have experienced. Sadly, today is witnessing despair within our people as many plots against and from its people and groups are being made.

Just when the spirits are down, once again more words from a foreigner in our country, but this time it’s coming from an ambassador who has experienced the real Lebanon and left it with a touching statement. I can’t but bow with respect to this person whose term as ambassador for his country to Lebanon is over, and yet asks us permission to be our ambassador, when we, the Lebanese people deny our nation and ethnicity every day.

Fletcher's farewell note

Mr. Fletcher’s post makes my heart grow a little bigger, after it has been crushed over and over with bitter disappointments from our own politicians who fail us every minute and every day. In his note, Tom Fletcher quotes Gibran’s ‘you have your Lebanon, I have mine’ listing reasons and instances behind his belief in Lebanon and its people, something we miss to have ourselves.

Diplomats feel overwhelmed with what they get of influence and position worth when they are posted to Lebanon. I have lived and seen the difference in Australia, and can assure you that they wouldn’t dream to have this prestigious status on their own land and within their own people.

Law of the Jungle

human killer

It is totally unfair to use the term “law of the Jungle” in reference to the jungle and the animals. Even the savagest animals live in harmony and the wildest environments naturally balance justice.

A satiated lion will pass a dear without feeling any urge to prove its superiority, but those uncategorized creatures of human nature are hungry for every single opportunity to show how filthy and blood thirsty they are!

The video below is a big shame on what we call humans and the law of the jungle is rather a law of the civilized monsters.

The Jungle is a safe place!


Father’s Day falls on the first day of summer in this part of the world, in this spot of the Middle East on the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon.

For this occasion, and wishing my dad, my brother and every person who carries “fatherhood” somehow inside him, the best in life, and for them I have the following words:


Only in Lebanon (Traffic Theme)

Lines between road lanes, are also lanes.

Traffic is always more on the other side of the road that has a car accident.

Members of the Police force use whatsapp in their duties and at their own personal costs.

It is an illegal (dumb) practice to stop at red light if there is no real traffic on the other side.

Footpaths should be named “wheelpaths”.

99% of car owners have special plate numbers, therefore are VIP. The other 1% can’t be bothered.

Taxi cars can also turn into public transport vehicles called “service” (in the French pronunciation). They can fit an  unlimited number of passengers and their services are exercised somehow by force.

Police presence is heavily noted near take away restaurants with minimum traffic supervision.

Parents love their children so much that the latter turn themselves into airbags!

Urban Traffic Management exist and applicable even in the absence of roads networks.

The rule of open air smoking is well respected on the road by shisha (arguileh) lovers!


Arguileh and the Lebanese People: Together until Death do us Apart!

Watch out for more in the awareness series “Only in Lebanon”.

Road Work Ahead, Insulting in Progress!

My narrative below is about an unpleasant incident that happened to me today as I was driving through a street with road work on it. It might seem to many as a regular story that they encounter everyday, and there really isn’t anything that they can do about it except saying: “Oh well! this is Lebanon”. Well I can assure you this is not Lebanon and deciding to keep such incidents to ourselves is only making it worse.

I personally don’t accept to be insulted for any reason whatsoever. What’s worse is that the insult came from someone who might be facing strictly personal issues but can’t deal with them as a man. Alternatively, that person decides to pick a random human being and takes his anger on him or her, hurling the dirtiest words he holds inside him at their face.

I was having a pleasant ride this morning, heading to Jbeil for an appointment I had at 10. I took the wide street of Adma leading to Kfaryaseen, known to many by “Star Academy” street. The street had road work that I have noticed for over a week now. As usual, I took the only open side that allows cars circulation extending over 200 meters. I could see there was a paver truck (wide vehicle that lays asphalt) at the end of the narrow path with the driver waving to me to keep driving towards him! I really wasn’t sure about that but I thought that since there is no way out, there must be some diversion somewhere and I will soon be guided how to exit this path.

To my surprise, the truck was blocking the only end of the road work and continued moving towards me! I came to a stop and was stunned trying to understand what  this guy is up to and when is he going to stop and let me out.

Road Work Ahead, Insulting in Progress!

Road Work Ahead, Insulting in Progress!

Finally a worker came and instructed me to reverse a little, as he removed the side barriers allowing the truck to pull up aside. The problem was not solved; I was more baffled as the driver sarcastically went screaming at me, saying: “don’t you see me coming? where are you driving forward to?” It took me few seconds before i could say to him: “what exactly is wrong with you?” and that was enough to make him leave his vehicle in anger and come to my open window to scream at me: My name is Giscard (Whatever), $%#@#@$#@# everyone and I don’t give a *&#$&@&^&% about anyone!”

I stayed there in my car, starring at this anger red head not sure whether he is worth any word I might utter! Then I simply drove straight to the municipality of Adma, and reported the incident. It was obvious that Giscard was a known streets work developer. The chief was not available but I was able to talk to him on the phone to explain what happened.

I expressed how my understanding is that I pay my share of the municipality rates for local city maintenance including the roads work. The work in progress didn’t show any sign of road closure, and the guy who just insulted me for no reason, is practically being paid by us citizens, and bluntly didn’t hesitate to insult me without hiding his identity.

The chief of Adma municipality assured me he will have a word with the developer and explained that “there is nothing he could do” and “this is Lebanon”!

No further comments!