No, Sydney’s Opera House didn’t light up in solidarity with Lebanon!

While social media is showing the entire worlds’ support following the sad Paris attack, many Lebanese feel disappointed that their own devastation is not perceived by the world with the same sympathy.

Killing innocent people must be faced by all nations with a “NO” regardless of where it took place. Solidarity should not keep the blind eye on those countries which names are forever associated with killing and terrorism such as Lebanon, Palestine and Syria.

Photo: The blue, white and red colours of France's national flag are projected onto the sails of Sydney's Opera House. (Reuters: Jason Reed )

Photo: The blue, white and red colours of France’s national flag are projected onto the sails of Sydney’s Opera House. (Reuters: Jason Reed )

When I saw the pictures of the Opera house lit with the Lebanese flag (below), I couldn’t but feel pity for those who “Photoshopped” the original supporting France, only for the mere purpose of having their fake post shared.

A photoshopped fake version of the Opera House's photo lit in solidarity with France

A photoshopped fake version of the Opera House’s photo lit in solidarity with France

It’s the sad ugly truth, but unfortunately it is the truth.

I wish the whole world would support Lebanon in actions and not just colors or lights. I wish the plots on the region would stop and people go back to live in harmony as they used to. But let’s not fake the ugly truth and believe the unreasonable ugly facts that we are forgotten in the past of wars, terrors and corrupted governments.

This article of the Australian ABC news net tells the story of Australia’s support to France.

We support you France, we support history of cooperation and we support the Lebanese families living there but we tell the world: “Look at us”!


Law of the Jungle

human killer

It is totally unfair to use the term “law of the Jungle” in reference to the jungle and the animals. Even the savagest animals live in harmony and the wildest environments naturally balance justice.

A satiated lion will pass a dear without feeling any urge to prove its superiority, but those uncategorized creatures of human nature are hungry for every single opportunity to show how filthy and blood thirsty they are!

The video below is a big shame on what we call humans and the law of the jungle is rather a law of the civilized monsters.

The Jungle is a safe place!

Only in Lebanon (Traffic Theme)

Lines between road lanes, are also lanes.

Traffic is always more on the other side of the road that has a car accident.

Members of the Police force use whatsapp in their duties and at their own personal costs.

It is an illegal (dumb) practice to stop at red light if there is no real traffic on the other side.

Footpaths should be named “wheelpaths”.

99% of car owners have special plate numbers, therefore are VIP. The other 1% can’t be bothered.

Taxi cars can also turn into public transport vehicles called “service” (in the French pronunciation). They can fit an  unlimited number of passengers and their services are exercised somehow by force.

Police presence is heavily noted near take away restaurants with minimum traffic supervision.

Parents love their children so much that the latter turn themselves into airbags!

Urban Traffic Management exist and applicable even in the absence of roads networks.

The rule of open air smoking is well respected on the road by shisha (arguileh) lovers!


Arguileh and the Lebanese People: Together until Death do us Apart!

Watch out for more in the awareness series “Only in Lebanon”.

Clapping Savage Audience!

When a big US media company such as Fox news decides to broadcast the message of brutality intended by IS, and by that promotes its virality, this makes it a top contributor to this cowards act.
What is the difference between those cowards acts and the brutality of any other civil war act, or untold mafia executions or many stories of human cruelty that are happening everyday in the world?  Those videos are simply different because they are made to be diffused and thank you very much for everyone who is contributing to that by watching and telling and passing it to others!

It is sad to see how people are hiding behind a fake compassion when they are senseless savages who enjoy anything shocking on their media toy.


Because violence in the world is as old as the human presence, I publish below this satirical print from 1783 (source: the British museum collection).

American loyalists are being murdered by Red Indians. An Indian (left) seizes by the hair a loyalist lying on the ground, and holds up a knife saying “I’ll scalp him”. Another Indian (right) raises a tomahawk in both hands above a loyalist who kneels on one knee, saying “O cruel Fate! is this the Return for our Loyalty”. The Indian says, “I’ll tomahawk the Dog.

 The savages let loose, or the cruel fate of the loyalists

The savages let loose, or the cruel fate of the loyalists

Road Work Ahead, Insulting in Progress!

My narrative below is about an unpleasant incident that happened to me today as I was driving through a street with road work on it. It might seem to many as a regular story that they encounter everyday, and there really isn’t anything that they can do about it except saying: “Oh well! this is Lebanon”. Well I can assure you this is not Lebanon and deciding to keep such incidents to ourselves is only making it worse.

I personally don’t accept to be insulted for any reason whatsoever. What’s worse is that the insult came from someone who might be facing strictly personal issues but can’t deal with them as a man. Alternatively, that person decides to pick a random human being and takes his anger on him or her, hurling the dirtiest words he holds inside him at their face.

I was having a pleasant ride this morning, heading to Jbeil for an appointment I had at 10. I took the wide street of Adma leading to Kfaryaseen, known to many by “Star Academy” street. The street had road work that I have noticed for over a week now. As usual, I took the only open side that allows cars circulation extending over 200 meters. I could see there was a paver truck (wide vehicle that lays asphalt) at the end of the narrow path with the driver waving to me to keep driving towards him! I really wasn’t sure about that but I thought that since there is no way out, there must be some diversion somewhere and I will soon be guided how to exit this path.

To my surprise, the truck was blocking the only end of the road work and continued moving towards me! I came to a stop and was stunned trying to understand what  this guy is up to and when is he going to stop and let me out.

Road Work Ahead, Insulting in Progress!

Road Work Ahead, Insulting in Progress!

Finally a worker came and instructed me to reverse a little, as he removed the side barriers allowing the truck to pull up aside. The problem was not solved; I was more baffled as the driver sarcastically went screaming at me, saying: “don’t you see me coming? where are you driving forward to?” It took me few seconds before i could say to him: “what exactly is wrong with you?” and that was enough to make him leave his vehicle in anger and come to my open window to scream at me: My name is Giscard (Whatever), $%#@#@$#@# everyone and I don’t give a *&#$&@&^&% about anyone!”

I stayed there in my car, starring at this anger red head not sure whether he is worth any word I might utter! Then I simply drove straight to the municipality of Adma, and reported the incident. It was obvious that Giscard was a known streets work developer. The chief was not available but I was able to talk to him on the phone to explain what happened.

I expressed how my understanding is that I pay my share of the municipality rates for local city maintenance including the roads work. The work in progress didn’t show any sign of road closure, and the guy who just insulted me for no reason, is practically being paid by us citizens, and bluntly didn’t hesitate to insult me without hiding his identity.

The chief of Adma municipality assured me he will have a word with the developer and explained that “there is nothing he could do” and “this is Lebanon”!

No further comments!

About Time People Feed on Some Media Facts!

When it’s right, we ought to write it.

media crap

Enough Being Fed on Crap, Just Change the Channel or Turn The Box off!

It just feels great to watch a social TV show and the first impression you get is that, roles are restored and that things are falling back in their normal position.

I am totally being objective here because nowadays, favoring one media channel over another could equal committing a serious civil offense. Those who know me will agree that I am impartial referring to OTV  talk show “Min 7a2ik”; which literally means “It is your Right”, with a diacritic on the Arabic term to specifically address the woman.

Why This Episode?

I have closely examined this TV show on many instances as I was doing a research for my communication studies. On the whole I am satisfied to say that it falls under the informative category, supportive to empowering the Lebanese women in specific.

The Episode of the 4th December 2014, had 3 ladies guests from the Lebanese Customs working in a challenging environment and in delicate positions applying Customs regulations and risk assessment. I specifically note this episode because it gave me a feeling of gratification versus the revulsion I previously had, when I accidentally watched some of the nonsense that has been in the media over a long period.

The Roles Restored

I am the first in line when it comes to fighting corruption but I am also against media manipulation above all. It’s called media, being the plural of medium, which by definition is the means of doing something. So if our informative media is manipulating its public, we are only left with raising awareness to be the wise guys who will use the remote control in a righteous way.

I am glad to see that this episode restored some roles and put things back where they need to be.

  • The media is informing people rather then using them.
  • Government officers are speaking out, telling the public what they actually do and the obstacles that face in their missions.

Syrian Electronic Army passes an effective hacking software to IS…

I really try to stay away from politics topics, basically because nothing there makes sense and my writings are based on researching and logical deductions. But then when some heavy contents in the headlines strikes me like this article, I just pause dazzled and can’t fight the urge of publishing a word about it, asking the experts from the Lebanese community who like to discuss politics as they breath: How could this make sense?

Australians at risk of IS cyber attacks

The article Australians at risk of IS cyber attacks published yesterday says that the Syrian government-backed group of hackers  “Syrian Electronic Army“, responsible for attacks on major media outlets like the BBC, Al Jazeera and the Washington Post, created the Cryptolocker for the benefit of their enemies Islamic State extremists!
IS in its turn is believed to have cyber-invaded tens of thousands of Australian victims in less than three months, yet the facts are not confirmed!

World War I and II clearly identified allies and enemies but today’s war against terrorists is a big false title under which many attacks are accomplished operating behind shrouded secrecy an claimed responsibilities.



The Social Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle or what is also known as the Devil’s Triangle could be an unsolved mystery of nature, sciences or spiritual causes, but the social vanishing powder is not a mystery at all.



We are the community that makes social media and our number is directly associated with their dollars figures, however, ironically we have no control on our existence there!

If anyone believes that he or she is the holder of their social media accounts, think wise and twice!

I previously wrote a post about the terms and conditions we agree on as we sign up for social media accounts, where I was concerned more about the privacy matters. Here is another serious issue we need to consider when we treat the account as a private spot, where we share along our thoughts, moments, events of life and photos. Not to mention that hackers are one click away from taking control of all of these private matters, but the social site itself is capable of making it vanish without notice! The excuse could be a breach of its policies and terms, spams, explicit contents, abuse, sexual harassment and bullying. Seriously though doesn’t the list of such offensive activities proliferate on those same social platforms? Who is the judge who decides to deactivate a certain account while many more reported pages are seen to be free from contents that contravene their policies?

Freely use the social world, as it’s becoming a must to opt in, as long as you are aware that you are the operator of your account as opposed to the owner.

Initiatives That Remain Silent, Why?


Do the Lebanese women know that there is a dedicated site for them to freely express and exchange their opinions and concerns in Arabic, French or English?

The Women’s forum under the National Commission for Lebanese Women* e-Portal page seem to have this purpose in mind, which is certainly a wonderful initiative!

However it seems that it has been sitting there, -I assume since 2010-, like a silent painting on the wall with zero post!

It could worth few minutes out of “Facebooking” time, to start a chat anonymously and share awareness that could reflect a real attempt towards women’s rights.

* The National Commission for Lebanese Women is the official body for women’s issues, attached to the Office of the President of the Council of Ministers, which pursuant to Act No. 720, was formed in 1998 and its chairmanship was entrusted to the First Lady, with the purpose of achieving the objectives agreed at the Beijing Conference for Women Empowerment. (Source: United Nations Publications)