Religious Controversy over the personal life of Rima Fakih

Needless to introduce Rima Fakih, since she seems to have attracted the spotlights at many instances of her life so far.


Miss USA Rima Fakih practicing a wrestling move on the WWE show “Tough Enough”

In fact, Rima trained in USA as a female wrestler and was the first Muslim to win the Miss USA title in 2010. Again, two weeks after being crowned, photos of her pole dancing surfaced as she participated in a local strippers’ contest which almost took her title off.

Lately in April 2016, Rima converted to Christianity to marry music producer Wassim Salibi on the 15th May 2016, in a ceremony of true Lebanese style.

Whether you are a liker of her page or not, you must have stumbled across a couple of her wedding or honeymoon photos shared by one of the hundred thousands “Likers” and fans. While you are checking out the photo and smiling to the loving comments of users wishing the perfect couple a happy life suddenly….aw! a comment stands out uttering an outburst of hatred, profanities and inconsideration to the couple’s personal and private life.

I am sharing below some of those comments after I have intentionally masked the name of the people behind them, simply because for me they don’t represent the opinion of anyone but their sick selves. They are haters who have no consideration to people’s freedom and right to live the way they chose and to believe in whatever they want to believe in.

This first one is the worst I have personally read and although it had a good share of responses that served the user right, I don’t think she is worth the trouble of writing replies.


Another one goes up to analysing the source of funding the wedding.


Last in my collection is from the type of people that heavily exists in our life: no matter what you do they will always find something bad about it! This one is suspecting the couple broke up already and that’s why Rima is solo in the photo!

even that

Surely Rima Fakih is aware of those comments and doesn’t bother to delete them. The irony is that for those haters to be able to post on her page they have to be likers!

Rima was criticized for calling herself Muslim while posing in a bikini, and for holding the title of Miss USA and now they are trying to intimidate her for settling down in a marriage with the man she chose, -and I must say-a man of a wealth that many of her female haters would probably die and deny their existence to marry!

It is a shame to see people invading someone’s life this way and for a best ending to this blog post I found this perfect quote.



8 thoughts on “Religious Controversy over the personal life of Rima Fakih

  1. Hi, Claude. People use cyberbullying to express their opinions, these sickening and ridiculous comments, however, do not respresent all Muslims’ views on Fakih’s wedding. She hasn’t been leading a “Muslim” lifestyle from the beginning, so why are people so surprised she got married to a Christian? And why are the so-called Muslim commentators so enraged by her decision…hasn’t she brought pride to Lebanon by being the first Muslim to win Miss America’s title?! What happened now? Actually, what difference does it make in our daily lives? Did she bring back one shred of the dignity the people of this country has lost? Whether she or anyone else marries a buddhist, it makes no difference. Let God be her judge!

    • Thanks Zeina for sharing your thoughts. They are very accurate and yes she went to Christian schools since her childhood and I don’t see it’s anyone’s business if she converted to any religion or decided to put the hijab. It’s her own life and believes and those cyberbullies have issues with their own lives and believes.

  2. Her name was Muslim but her behavior and culture is non muslim. So we can’t say she is a Muslim woman. Better to not discussed about her.

    • I am certainly not discussing religion, but people who allow themselves to publicly insult other religions and other people for choices that only concern them in their personal life. Respect to religions and people’s choices.

  3. I just wasted five precious minutes of my life n I had to say this.. Who cares!!!!! There r much much more important things we can occupy our minds with. My opinion. Have a nice day 😊

    • Lubna you are right to say who cares but it’s not a waste of time to know the kind of people who share this world with us, no matter how bad they could be. Have a great day 😊

  4. Well, she made a wise choice, good for her. Congratulations. Outside the debate of religion, definitely, who cares. It is her decision and only she knows why she decided to leave one religion to embrace another. She has her reasons and this is her personal choice. If she feels her heart does not belong to Islam, who give muslims the authority to judge? who are all of us of different beliefs and religions to judge? We are not God and we are not the owners of the truth either, regardless of our belief, regardless of how sure they are of their religion, they are noone to judge in any way, through internet or through our mind and our heart. I also want to take this time to thank you Claude for all the info πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend and greetings from Lima – PerΓΊ ! Keep up with the brilliant job x

  5. Too funny! Live & let live! Mind your own business. These people have way too much time on their hands! We need more inter marriages to promote love! P.S she is hot & I would hire her for good Islamic PR lol it’s all one love πŸ™‚

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