The Forbidden Fruit

“You may freely eat of every tree of the garden; but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall die.”

forbidden fruit

There is a general assumption that the forbidden fruit refers to the physical or sexual temptations to which humans are susceptible. It probably lies in the term “forbidden” itself, with what it carries from allusions to social restrictions or taboos and those are firstly related to sex. The “Forbidden Fruit” is also the core of references to the Genesis story about the beginning, depicting a naked man and a naked woman living together as the first lonely couple in this life.

adam and eve

The immediate association of this term with sex could more or less be from our denial of its obvious and real significance and the meaning behind the “original sin” story. It is in simple words “The Power”, or more specifically the human abuse of that power. It’s deadlier than the poison of the snake and it’s the fruit that makes you take the good for bad and the bad for good.

What a dangerous authority God gives humanity when he gives it such power; a power to rule others and decide for them.

By leaving that forbidden tree available for them, and yet warning them from its deadliest effect, God gave Adam and Eve a great power. They were given the authority to decide themselves and they have abused it by disobeying his warning. God used on Adam and Eve the game of “Fear” and “Power”. He intentionally gave what he forbid them to have a name so tempting: the “knowledge of good and evil“. Yet he also put enough fear in their hearts by associating death to that temptation. God wanted to remind them that the ultimate power is in his hands, which made life and by the same ultimate power he can take it.

The Love of power was stronger than the fear of death.

There are many tempting dangers we face everyday, including money, pleasure, failure to weakness and many more, but the most tempting danger and deadliest is the given power. It is the test of life, and rare are those who passed it, because human nature has failed the original test from the beginning.


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