Clapping Savage Audience!

When a big US media company such as Fox news decides to broadcast the message of brutality intended by IS, and by that promotes its virality, this makes it a top contributor to this cowards act.
What is the difference between those cowards acts and the brutality of any other civil war act, or untold mafia executions or many stories of human cruelty that are happening everyday in the world?  Those videos are simply different because they are made to be diffused and thank you very much for everyone who is contributing to that by watching and telling and passing it to others!

It is sad to see how people are hiding behind a fake compassion when they are senseless savages who enjoy anything shocking on their media toy.


Because violence in the world is as old as the human presence, I publish below this satirical print from 1783 (source: the British museum collection).

American loyalists are being murdered by Red Indians. An Indian (left) seizes by the hair a loyalist lying on the ground, and holds up a knife saying “I’ll scalp him”. Another Indian (right) raises a tomahawk in both hands above a loyalist who kneels on one knee, saying “O cruel Fate! is this the Return for our Loyalty”. The Indian says, “I’ll tomahawk the Dog.

 The savages let loose, or the cruel fate of the loyalists

The savages let loose, or the cruel fate of the loyalists


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