Road Work Ahead, Insulting in Progress!

My narrative below is about an unpleasant incident that happened to me today as I was driving through a street with road work on it. It might seem to many as a regular story that they encounter everyday, and there really isn’t anything that they can do about it except saying: “Oh well! this is Lebanon”. Well I can assure you this is not Lebanon and deciding to keep such incidents to ourselves is only making it worse.

I personally don’t accept to be insulted for any reason whatsoever. What’s worse is that the insult came from someone who might be facing strictly personal issues but can’t deal with them as a man. Alternatively, that person decides to pick a random human being and takes his anger on him or her, hurling the dirtiest words he holds inside him at their face.

I was having a pleasant ride this morning, heading to Jbeil for an appointment I had at 10. I took the wide street of Adma leading to Kfaryaseen, known to many by “Star Academy” street. The street had road work that I have noticed for over a week now. As usual, I took the only open side that allows cars circulation extending over 200 meters. I could see there was a paver truck (wide vehicle that lays asphalt) at the end of the narrow path with the driver waving to me to keep driving towards him! I really wasn’t sure about that but I thought that since there is no way out, there must be some diversion somewhere and I will soon be guided how to exit this path.

To my surprise, the truck was blocking the only end of the road work and continued moving towards me! I came to a stop and was stunned trying to understand what  this guy is up to and when is he going to stop and let me out.

Road Work Ahead, Insulting in Progress!

Road Work Ahead, Insulting in Progress!

Finally a worker came and instructed me to reverse a little, as he removed the side barriers allowing the truck to pull up aside. The problem was not solved; I was more baffled as the driver sarcastically went screaming at me, saying: “don’t you see me coming? where are you driving forward to?” It took me few seconds before i could say to him: “what exactly is wrong with you?” and that was enough to make him leave his vehicle in anger and come to my open window to scream at me: My name is Giscard (Whatever), $%#@#@$#@# everyone and I don’t give a *&#$&@&^&% about anyone!”

I stayed there in my car, starring at this anger red head not sure whether he is worth any word I might utter! Then I simply drove straight to the municipality of Adma, and reported the incident. It was obvious that Giscard was a known streets work developer. The chief was not available but I was able to talk to him on the phone to explain what happened.

I expressed how my understanding is that I pay my share of the municipality rates for local city maintenance including the roads work. The work in progress didn’t show any sign of road closure, and the guy who just insulted me for no reason, is practically being paid by us citizens, and bluntly didn’t hesitate to insult me without hiding his identity.

The chief of Adma municipality assured me he will have a word with the developer and explained that “there is nothing he could do” and “this is Lebanon”!

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