About Time People Feed on Some Media Facts!

When it’s right, we ought to write it.

media crap

Enough Being Fed on Crap, Just Change the Channel or Turn The Box off!

It just feels great to watch a social TV show and the first impression you get is that, roles are restored and that things are falling back in their normal position.

I am totally being objective here because nowadays, favoring one media channel over another could equal committing a serious civil offense. Those who know me will agree that I am impartial referring to OTV  talk show “Min 7a2ik”; which literally means “It is your Right”, with a diacritic on the Arabic term to specifically address the woman.

Why This Episode?

I have closely examined this TV show on many instances as I was doing a research for my communication studies. On the whole I am satisfied to say that it falls under the informative category, supportive to empowering the Lebanese women in specific.

The Episode of the 4th December 2014, had 3 ladies guests from the Lebanese Customs working in a challenging environment and in delicate positions applying Customs regulations and risk assessment. I specifically note this episode because it gave me a feeling of gratification versus the revulsion I previously had, when I accidentally watched some of the nonsense that has been in the media over a long period.

The Roles Restored

I am the first in line when it comes to fighting corruption but I am also against media manipulation above all. It’s called media, being the plural of medium, which by definition is the means of doing something. So if our informative media is manipulating its public, we are only left with raising awareness to be the wise guys who will use the remote control in a righteous way.

I am glad to see that this episode restored some roles and put things back where they need to be.

  • The media is informing people rather then using them.
  • Government officers are speaking out, telling the public what they actually do and the obstacles that face in their missions.

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