Syrian Electronic Army passes an effective hacking software to IS…

I really try to stay away from politics topics, basically because nothing there makes sense and my writings are based on researching and logical deductions. But then when some heavy contents in the headlines strikes me like this article, I just pause dazzled and can’t fight the urge of publishing a word about it, asking the experts from the Lebanese community who like to discuss politics as they breath: How could this make sense?

Australians at risk of IS cyber attacks

The article Australians at risk of IS cyber attacks published yesterday says that the Syrian government-backed group of hackersĀ  “Syrian Electronic Army“, responsible for attacks on major media outlets like the BBC, Al Jazeera and the Washington Post, created the Cryptolocker for the benefit of their enemies Islamic State extremists!
IS in its turn is believed to have cyber-invaded tens of thousands of Australian victims in less than three months, yet the facts are not confirmed!

World War I and II clearly identified allies and enemies but today’s war against terrorists is a big false title under which many attacks are accomplished operating behind shrouded secrecy an claimed responsibilities.




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