Unbalanced Smartness Equation

The memory is sedating, the challenges are way too complex and the urge to opt in is appealing.

The best of using smartphones:

  • The great convenience of using our social media accounts on the go.
  • We are updated with the topics we follow and get a peak on the news and current affairs.
  • We can stay in touch with everyone, everywhere and at any time (provided we stay connected!)
  • The wonders of bringing all generations to meet in the one digital world.

The worst of using smartphones:

  • Goodbye memory and self organization.
  • If we lose the smartphone we lose it all!
  • High risks of our privacy being invaded and our personal live hacked.
  • Psychological damages caused from contents we are exposed to.
  • Sympathy/antipathy played with contents which accuracy is not guaranteed.

I personally can’t live with my smartphone and I continuously weigh its pros against its cons, but I truly believe that the damages are exteral most of the times, and can be caused by the unawareness of others.

This is same as driving safe in a city where nobody needs a driver license, so happy driving and safe ride users!


Smart Phones, Dumb people


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