My Greatest Fear…

Look around you, shuffle your TV channels or tune in for news and current affairs. This is the world of examples you need to face and use when you try to teach your children what to be and how to be.

war children

How can I talk to them about peace when there is not a crumb of it around?

How can I educate them to be nice when the hatred built a fence on all sides?

How can I protect their purity when we live next door to crimes, violence, hatred, revenge and grudge?


We live in a realm of poison, so where am I expected to get some fresh air for my children?

My greatest fear is that I am losing my motherhood before I could feel terrified of losing my children. What could possibly kill parents other than feeling incapacitated towards raising their children?

The society is still living an illusion: there are more lectures about positive parenting, happy families and the art of teaching social graces to children…. There never used to be a better context for this than life itself.

I beg you to spare us your speeches and adjust your social work to focus instead, on how can we recover the peaceful mountains and rivers we were given.


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