The Social Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle or what is also known as the Devil’s Triangle could be an unsolved mystery of nature, sciences or spiritual causes, but the social vanishing powder is not a mystery at all.



We are the community that makes social media and our number is directly associated with their dollars figures, however, ironically we have no control on our existence there!

If anyone believes that he or she is the holder of their social media accounts, think wise and twice!

I previously wrote a post about the terms and conditions we agree on as we sign up for social media accounts, where I was concerned more about the privacy matters. Here is another serious issue we need to consider when we treat the account as a private spot, where we share along our thoughts, moments, events of life and photos. Not to mention that hackers are one click away from taking control of all of these private matters, but the social site itself is capable of making it vanish without notice! The excuse could be a breach of its policies and terms, spams, explicit contents, abuse, sexual harassment and bullying. Seriously though doesn’t the list of such offensive activities proliferate on those same social platforms? Who is the judge who decides to deactivate a certain account while many more reported pages are seen to be free from contents that contravene their policies?

Freely use the social world, as it’s becoming a must to opt in, as long as you are aware that you are the operator of your account as opposed to the owner.


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