Initiatives That Remain Silent, Why?


Do the Lebanese women know that there is a dedicated site for them to freely express and exchange their opinions and concerns in Arabic, French or English?

The Women’s forum under the National Commission for Lebanese Women* e-Portal page seem to have this purpose in mind, which is certainly a wonderful initiative!

However it seems that it has been sitting there, -I assume since 2010-, like a silent painting on the wall with zero post!

It could worth few minutes out of “Facebooking” time, to start a chat anonymously and share awareness that could reflect a real attempt towards women’s rights.

* The National Commission for Lebanese Women is the official body for women’s issues, attached to the Office of the President of the Council of Ministers, which pursuant to Act No. 720, was formed in 1998 and its chairmanship was entrusted to the First Lady, with the purpose of achieving the objectives agreed at the Beijing Conference for Women Empowerment. (Source: United Nations Publications)


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