Until you become a mother.

You only realise there is far more bliss in giving than in receiving, when you become a mother.


If you think motherhood is a mere relation a woman has with a child to whom she has given birth, you are not giving it justice.

Motherhood is a mother’s inexplicable feelings of pain when her child is hurting.

It’s the fluttering joy that tickles her heart at the sound of her child’s laughter.

It is the magical push that opens her lids no matter how sleepy her eyes are when her child wants them to watch for their comfort.

A mother accompanies her child through every tiny step of their journey of life, she holds her tears as she watches them leave with the chin up, and heartily smiles with opened arms if they return head down.

You may come near motherhood as you read poems about it, or feel closer to its endless unconditional affection with the love you carry to your own mother, nevertheless it is never close enough.

No matter how hard you try to sensually touch motherhood or conceive its sentiments you will not understand what it really is, until you become a mother.


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