Diffusing News, any News!


An article with the captivating title: “200 Million Years Old Dinosaur Egg Hatches in Berlin Museum” and a photo of hatched dinosaur egg has been circulating for around a month now. As any outrageous news, the story quickly spread over social media and reached a large number of people who shared the fake article mistaken it for a genuine report.

Social Media Users

Users of social media are continuously exposed to lots of information which in their turn, share and amplify without checking its accuracy. After all isn’t the pursuit of popularity an embedded trend at all levels, including individuals’?

Online Media and Publications

Users of social media are being used as the perfect public to diffuse fake news and take part of such hoax. But what about the publishing media that originally posted the story as a genuine article? Unfortunately, such media organizations are ready to lose their face for the sake of getting traffic to their site, because it is doubtful that they don’t check the source of their news, and very unlikely that their editors don’t research their items!


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