The real essence of Lent


For me, it really doesn’t matter which religious practice we follow and the particular church that guides them, when they are all based on one essence. Doctrine is what we believe in, and my personal view is whenever I feel mislaid in the beliefs and rules set around me, I put it all aside and go back to the essence: the Bible and particularly the “New Testament“.  Simply because it is the heart of Christianity and all the sets of doctrines that shaped the different churches and Christian groups diverged from it.

The language of the Bible could be a barrier to reading and understanding it, notably with the widespread old English version, while from a personal viewpoint, the Arabic version is clear and interestingly pleasant to read. The point is to get the message which is repeated along the chapters, the stories and the Gospels, for all those versions are adaptations of the real texts, which are believed to be written in Greek and not in Hebrew as it is generally assumed (Language of the New Testament From Wikipedia).


Faith is not an obligation and worship is not a display, all the same, the church is the cradle for our sense of belonging.

The “Real Lent”

The usual words we hear at the church on the last Sunday before lent, are mainly from two references of the Bible: Mathews 25: 40,45 and Isaiah 58: 6,7. Those verses don’t talk about diet, cutting out meat, alcohol or sweets, they mention food for the time we missed to feed a hungry person, and drinks when we failed to pass water to someone thirsty. Can someone tell me where do people get their shallow practices in lent from? They seem so serious in their faith fasting as they watch the clock and only feed themselves as it strikes a digit. They get grumpy and treat others with arrogance and blame it on the stress of fasting!

Those practices with absolutely no substance, put burdens on our faith and make it look more like a dreadful chain which is precisely the contrary of what lent is. Doesn’t the Bible read that fast is to loose the chains, get rid of the heavy burdens that come from wickedness, and to let the oppressed go free?

‘The truth is, anything you did for any of my people here, you also did for me … anything you refused to do for any of my people here, you refused to do for me.’

This is the essence of f lent, if one has to follow, let one follow it right.


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