It’s a Man’s Lebanon

It’s a Man’s Lebanon.

This tiny spot on the Mediterranean sea called Lebanon has always been a man’s world but not exactly that same awful world described in Gino’s blog. Women then were in fact better appreciated, men admired their life companion, saw them the children educator, the big heart, the wise word and fine judgement. Those women were not necessarily educated but were in the Lebanese term “2adirat” referring to the contrasting influential power and the delicacy of this sex.

Today Lebanon is a fake land that only echoes the rhythms of a culture shot dead. Our society is a simulation of “one thousands and one” imported societies, whose essences were lost somewhere on the way.

What actually happened to us is that the traditional Lebanese man, the macho and the head of the family is outwardly denying this simulation of modern life. Yet, he lives it body and soul under this fake stern mask he wears only in certain settings: around his family, behind the black ties and through the smoke of cigars during some social gatherings.

Conversely, Lebanese women are becoming part of the decor, the scenes and the settings in this simulated world. What Gino mentions about the fake boobs, fake lips, fake ass cheeks and all the rest we know or don’t know about, are part of the expectations. The expectations of those same Lebanese men in denial of the exoticism, as they take their serious masks off, avid for a gaze, a feel or a chance for a taste and more.

I made the tough choice to leave Australia and come and live in Lebanon, with hope to find a spot outside this simulation, and socialize with like minded women and men. This certainly shows that I am still very positive about Lebanon and the Lebanese, but I am still unable to see any bright light or possible formula to put a stop or make a u-turn and exit the shallowness we are heading for.


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