Bidding farewell to the year 2013


Dear 2013,

As you fade away with your last hours, I want you to know:

I damned your first day of existence for every trouble you put me in

I hated the moments of betrayal and disappointments you brought to me

You were my worst enemy the day I knew what a loss is

You stood there heartlessly watching my tears when I was wounded and hurt

Tonight I will dress, cheer, dance, drink and raise my glass but it will be for you

For you taught me the joy of cheering through my troubles

You built my strength to feel over those who don’t deserve me

You watched me as I loose and waited until I appreciated better what I still had

You made me watch my wounds as they healed and know that I will never fear this pain again

Cheers to you 2013, for you stood by me till your end, and took all the blame for others’ doings


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